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Late Night Admissions

In recent months I’ve found myself struggling to find the peace of mind for sleep because thoughts of you run rampant across my consciousness. It’s difficult to cope with you being so very far away. There are 1500 miles of plains, desert, grassland, and mountains separating me from you. I want nothing more than to hold you right now, to feel your warmth. I miss the feel of my hand in yours and those moments when you’d wrap your arms around me and pull me close. I remember it all so vividly: your taste, your smell, your smile, your touch. Instead of sleep my mind has you on replay and there is no stop button.


Taking Flight

At the precipice I stand, teetering on the thin line between safety- my comfortable perch- and the vast unknown. In the distance, beyond my scope of vision, I hear something calling to me: the allure, my reason to let go. In the past I would have hesitated, but this time is different; it’s a familiar voice calling me forward. It’s a familiar touch steadying my balance and there’s a gentle breath catching my wings. The drop is deep, the fall would hurt, but I know I won’t. So here I stand on the precipice, finally ready to take flight.

Written By: Hollie Barringer, 2015