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Too Much Television

I had a brief moment of panic today when Skype disconnected. I was spending my evening doing the usual: catching up with my long distance boyfriend after a long day. His internet kept going in and out. I, always imagining the worst case scenario, created an apocalyptic situation where the Internet, phone lines, and satellites became useless. And I asked: “What if this actually happened. How would we find each other?” The thought of losing contact with him with 1500 miles between us left me temporarily stunned. Can you imagine being separated from your loved ones in the apocalypse with no knowledge of their well-being and no plan to organize a reunion if such a feat were possible?

Needless to say I watch too much TV, and I am especially fascinated with the apocalypse theme in media. Maybe I need a little balance for my creative mind.

His response was adorable though. “Tell you what, if that happens, I’ll come to you. You stay there and I’ll go to you.”