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DnD Commission

Are you surprised to see a post around here? Me too. I was so excited about this I needed to share across all of my social media platforms! 

I had my friend commission my DnD character. Her name is Natika. She is a tiefling sorcerer. She experienced a very traumatic ordeal late in the campaign and her image had been on my mind for 7 months or so. When I started talking to my friend about it, he dove right in and created some excellent line art and followed through down to some fine detail. I am very pleased and would like for others to enjoy in his works as well. I’ve been watching him develop his art for over half a year now and his progress is incredible when you line up his works from a year ago up to today. I’m truly envious of his time and devotion to his passion for the arts ❤
Follow the link to his blog below:

Thanks! 🙂 

A Silent Prayer

Let the rivers of our past continue to flow forward, spilling into the moments of tomorrow as reminders and fond memories. Swim in the pools of present day to enjoy all we have, and have hope that today is not the last day we swim together. May we drink from the waters of the future and taste serenity and happiness. 

Written By: Hollie Barringer, 2016

Quick post

I’m working on some quick revisions, adding tags, re-categorizing my posts, formatting, and finally adding my name to some of my poetry, prose, and misc writings to show authorship. I’m hoping to have that finished up tonight. I want to separate the poetry and prose under one category, short stories under another, and journal or personal entries separately.


This has nothing to do with writing actually, but I wanted to share what I did! My grandmother knows how much I love fruit and bought me an assorted variety in large quantity when I moved back to town. Let’s be real, she bought way too much.  I’m only one person so I knew that if I wasn’t creative or really hungry in the next few days I would end up wasting a bunch of good fruit. So. I made a berry sauce! It was my first time trying this and I have a few more ideas for next time around, but I think it turned out fairly well. 

Boiling berries was a first for me  


I used the final product as a topping for my breakfast-dinner: fluffy golden pancakes topped with a warm berry sauce with a side of scrambled eggs. 


The Power of Words I

A fool once misspoke of a girl,

Befouled her name with a rotten word

The accusation was unfounded,

A disparaging remark for which shame is the emotive 

I remember her features as the ridicule flowed off the fool’s tongue,

Like soured milk, one word had destroyed the civility of conversation,

Her eyes grew guarded the moment breath peirced the air

It was a provokation of morality, an exposure of self-consciousness,

An ignorant usage of a term scarce understood

The message was lost on the fool, But that day I learned

The incredible power of words


By now you’ve figured out that I am writing again, so I wanted to give a brief shoutout to new followers and thank you for your appreciation of my silly little poems. I hope you continue to enjoy the content of this blog.

There are lots of changes going on right now and classes are getting extremely busy, but I’m determined to keep this up if at all possible

An Open Letter: Resistance

We live 130 miles a part, a relatively short distance all things considered, but it’s not the long winding roads or scenic country that separate us from one another. No, the distance between you and I stretches further than miles. It’s a distance transcendent of the of the physical world.

There was a time when even inconsequential things brought us together. We liked the trivial, frivolous banter. You would call, we would go for a walk, or exchange words between classes. You came to me for mostly everything, at least for awhile. I noticed it the first year of high school- so very long ago it seems now- when I realized we began to run in different circles. You with the crowd and I on the side. I never believed the change was intentional and I tried to ignore it, but I grew a certain resentment for your new friends. I even refused to entertain the idea of getting to know them at first. I tried harder after those first two years; I strove to be part of your life again and went out of my way for you. By the time graduation came it was far too late. I dare say we began to grow back together there in the end, but I just couldn’t be that friend anymore- I could never cater to the crowd you chose. You were my best friend. You were the first to know my secrets and held my deepest trust.

I made another attempt to salvage all that we had lost, an invitation into my new world. We’d both grown in the last four years of grade school and were finally prepared to embark on another adventure in life. I was to go away, 130 miles, and you were to stay. Leaving was a choice I had made a long time ago- I was committed- but I’ll always wonder if staying would have made any difference at all. Come spend the weekend with me, I had asked. I wanted you to see my new apartment and experience a few days in my shoes. I thought you might like it after so long under your parents roof because though you could not see it, freedom was a thing you needed. More than that I needed my best friend. Everything was so new, so empty, and I felt alone despite the fact that several hundred people lived all around me. It wasn’t home, and those weren’t my friends. Not yet. The first night was the worst because the freshman took it upon themselves to drink until they spilled their stomachs from the balcony above my window. The days did get better and nights became manageable. Thankfully my boyfriend at the time had  moved in to make the party-town apartment more tolerable. I introduced you two a long time ago however briefly. Although you never voiced it I do not believe you approved. A lot has happened since then and we drifted a part, all for the better. I want to tell you all about that, and more.

I never got a weekend of your time, not even a few hours. I later came back to our hometown to visit and we met briefly- an exchange that ended abruptly with awkward goodbyes. You seemed to be doing well for the most part, at least you said nothing to contrary. I took it for what it was and I will leave it as it is. I wish I could share these things with you like we used to. Back then it seemed like we never ran out of things to talk about, but now I can only get a few words out of you every other month or three. I often wonder if there was something I could have done, but people say this is just how life is: there one day, and gone the next. Maybe things will change, but I reserve my doubts because we both know the next step in my plan and you’ve already decided to stay. I doubt that the further I go will make a difference because the problem is no longer simply distance. It’s become resistance.

© 2014, Written By: Hollie Barringer


Virtual Rescue

Prompt: Virtual Rescue – Someone you know gets sucked into a video game of your choice and becomes trapped inside. You must become part of the game and save him/her! But what will you encounter to do so? How will you enter the game?

This prompt idea was particularly fun for me. I did not come up with it but I had gotten a few ideas after watching Sword Art Online for the first time, a week or so prior. I had this grand idea to write about getting trapped inside World of Warcraft, but the amount of detail I was aiming for put me way over the word limit and I decided to change last minute to a simpler game: Asteroids. Yeah, it doesn’t sound like the most interesting of games to get trapped inside and I think my journal-entry-style writing made that perfectly clear. It’s certainly not my best writing, but it was a fun side-trip from what I am used to. Oh and yeah, there’s a few f-bombs in there.

Fucking Asteroids

I’ve done the unimaginable. The revolution of virtual gaming is finally here and it all beings with a classic. It wasn’t Norman’s first choice. He had encouraged me to try the device on World of Warcraft first. “Think of the vast landscapes and the creatures!” I remember replying with a defiant attitude, “Exactly. I don’t think the world is ready for fantastical creatures and dark quests. You remember the brutal wipes in Icecrown Citadel. Can you truly imagine facing the Lich King in the flesh?” He had given me a wry look, and I remember the smile that crept upon my lips as we both relished in the irony of my question. It was too late to go back, because I had already programmed the device to tune in with a few specific games to start. I wasn’t ready to expand to encompass the massive multiplayer games just yet. Maybe I should have listened to Norman; at least in World of Warcraft there was substance to the world, warmth from the sun, an inn to sleep… hell I would even take a job right now. Anything else would be better than this. It began November 3rd of this year in 2025, when I let Norman serve as the very first beta-tester for my virtual gaming device. I watched with uncontainable enthusiasm as he prompted the ship to maneuver fluidly across a demo test monitor. He ran a few rounds, spinning and flying aimlessly across the screen until a stray asteroid caught him off guard and then disappeared behind a red explosion. The last thing I saw was a miniature, avatar of Norman hurtling across the empty black space and into oblivion. He never came back.

Star Date: November 4, 2025

Testing, testing… Is this thing working? *loud jostling echoes from the speakers* There we are, I think that does it. Hello, whoever you are. If you are hearing this I need help. There must have been a malfunction, or possibly a stray code in the programming. Either way… I’ve messed up, and I am stuck here in this virtual plain. I came here to find my husband, but I am afraid I was too late; now he is gone and I am alone, trapped within this insignificant realm of nothingness.

Star Date: November 5, 2025

I have had time to contemplate and perhaps nothingness is harsh. There is something else in this realm besides myself, if you count the ship in which I now reside- and probably the only thing keeping me alive in this world- but the asteroids definitely do not count. Thankfully there was enough coding room to add supplement virtual details such as a captain’s deck and living quarters on the ship. It is like you might imagine the U.S.S. Enterprise to appear on the inside, except it isn’t really. On a side note, I have never been so long without the sun. The dark seems to go on forever, only blemished by the occasional asteroid hurtling through deep space, but it’s serene and beautiful in a way… How do I turn this thing off? *the speakers buzz with static then falls silent*

Star Date: November 7, 2025

I wouldn’t normally panic over a fluke accident, a small mistake- no actually this was a big mistake. I shouldn’t under acknowledge the disaster I’ve found myself in. It is true, I am at a loss. I cannot access the coding from within the game, but the bigger issue is that I cannot seem to disconnect. I spent the past several nights trying to reconfigure the mainframe, all the while playing the game to survive. I am unsure what would happen if the ship were to get hit and explode with the current state of issues in the connection software. I can’t be sure that I will materialize back on the other side- Normal didn’t. I could try-

Star Date: November 10, 2025

*speakers buzz erratically* I took my first hit today. The lower bay was hit with a glancing blow and I’ve had to initiate repairs on the lower level systems. I count myself lucky this time, but there’s something wrong with the rear thrusters. I really don’t want to go out there, but what choice do I have?

Star Date: December 1, 2025

This feels like inception- a game within a game- a total mind-fuck. Today I encountered a close call with two hostile asteroids. The first was small and slow, but precisely on a collision course with my ship. I destroyed the first one quickly; the fragmented remains shattered across the blackened sky in a million pieces that seemed to sparkle with light. I called her Aurora, the little sister. The second took me by surprise and hurtled swiftly like a bird in the wind. When I destroyed the beast it crumbled violently in unpredictable patterns and narrowly missed my vessel. I called him Angore, the older brother.

Star Date: December 25, 2025

After keeping it together this long, I am loathe to admit that I awoke in tears. Nostalgia hit me hard, probably because today had always been a treasured day for me. I lived for Christmas, and there was absolutely nothing magical or festive here in this realm. The worst part, now that I think of it, is that I have no one to share it with and the one person in the whole world I missed most was long gone. I love you, Norman. *there’s a quiet sniffle masked by a static buzz*

Star Date: January 1, 2026

New Years Resolution… I’m going to blow up every fucking asteroid in the world!

Star Date: February 28, 2026

Aha! I did it, three thousand bombshells! Take that pixels!

Star Date: June 11, 2026- I think?

I’m not sure what day it is. My tallies are all jumbled now and I am running out of wall space in the control room believe it or not. I may have to take down my favorite band posters and that family portrait of- oh wait, I don’t have any.

Star Date: Who the fuck cares?

I guess you could say I’ve given up hope. By now… you know, I’m not even sure. I could speculate all day, but this is exhausting. Enough is enough, you know? Sure you do. I’ve been keeping my eyes on space for several hours now. Not a thing in sight. I think I’m actually sort of bored now. *speaker emits a low rumble* wait a second… what the hell? What is that? Norman! Norman is that really you? You’re- No wait! come back, it’s me! Come back! Nooo!

Star Date: Done here.

Fucking asteroids…