Monthly Archives: April 2015

We Will Rebuild

Stare grimly into the faces of the despondent

Wondering what words they’d speak,

Should their voices erupt in chorus.

Chains shackle them to the undertow,

Juggernaut strength wrestling with their souls.

Tumultuous cries and unparalleled ferocity,

Raking soft flesh like claws of the beast.

As strength wanes and the tide breaks,

Their skulls wash upon the beaches of eternity

Where we will build anew.


Written By: Hollie Barringer, 2015



The Power of Words I

A fool once misspoke of a girl,

Befouled her name with a rotten word

The accusation was unfounded,

A disparaging remark for which shame is the emotive 

I remember her features as the ridicule flowed off the fool’s tongue,

Like soured milk, one word had destroyed the civility of conversation,

Her eyes grew guarded the moment breath peirced the air

It was a provokation of morality, an exposure of self-consciousness,

An ignorant usage of a term scarce understood

The message was lost on the fool, But that day I learned

The incredible power of words