Written By: Hollie Barringer

In the dark we drift. 

Blissful moments punctuated by heavy breath,

Whispered promises suspended in creeping fog,

Needless of substance,

You intoxicate my mind with convoluted thought.

My senses carry into disarray.

Difficult to contain, 

The restless ebb and flow

Resurgent energies lift me from the depths.

Somewhere unseen, 

Hands [reaching to] find purchase in a stabilizing effort.

Water laps eagerly at the sides of this rocking boat as you move to me, like the moon pulls the tide.

Your eyes are alight, a glimmer of fire beneath the cool shade of night. 

Deliver us upon sandy shores,

Walk the wind-swept roads.

Here we lie in the quiet hours, 

Longing to feel that sweet serenity, 

Peaceful lucidity.

Here, may we drift no more. 


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