Time is Fleeting

Ready, Set, Done!

As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time.

Time is Fleeting

I wanted to challenge myself so when I saw this on the Daily Post I thought it would be a good idea to give it a go. For better or for worse. I really did not put much time into thinking about what I would write about, but almost immediately a thought came to mind and it’s quite fitting given the time limit: Time is fleeting. It’s common concept, only more often said in reference to a singular moment in time. I’ve always liked the idea of “fleeting moments” because they are used mark special significance along a broad timeline. A first kiss, your child’s first step, or a performance of some kind; all exemplify fleeting moments in our lives, our individual timeline. If you were to step back and consider the timeline of existence, then our individual lives would be small fleeting moments in the grand scheme of things. I admit that I have not spent a great deal of time considering this, so the realization is fresh to me as I sit here and write. I feel as if this might sort of tie into the common belief that each life is important and makes a difference in this world, because when you discuss timelines, every little thing counts. It’s the whole idea that if you went back in time to met your mother and father, depending on what you might say it could have major impacts on your own future- that is to say you could keep them from ever having you in the first place. Back to reality… If we are the individual pieces of a very vast timeline, then it would make perfect sense to conclude that we are each as vitally important as anyone else. It isn’t simply moral belief that dictates this theory either. From the moment we are born into this world we touch the lives of those who come to witness our arrival, and from that day on all who pass in or out of our path is affected or influenced by us as we are affected by them. All it takes is a simple smile on a miserable day to lift someones spirit and nudge them down the path of happiness or at least contentedness. An equal but opposite interaction might be a scowl. Influence comes in many forms and from all over, especially in the places we least expect, and though they are but small fleeting  moments, they can have a profound effect on our lives. Or even the whole world. Time is fleeting, and every waking moment is significant.


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