Winter Break? Again?

You can always tell when winter or summer break is here; I immediately flock to this blog like a child with a new toy, and for some reason I have an insane amount of motivation to write- about everything.

I want to share a few stories or at least excerpts from the writing contest I was part of; a few submissions I was more proud of than others and some I did poorly on with the feedback I received from my peers. I will post them individually with the prompt theme at the header. Currently, the contest is on a sort of hiatus because we’re all getting really busy. Hopefully it can resume once things settle down. If not, or regardless, I would like to invite any who might be interested. We do have a website on shivtr, although the site is designed for gaming guilds it still provides a forum for direct contact and makes replying easier than emails. Right now it’s not in contest mode. I’m using it to post random prompt ideas and it’s open for sharing original works for peer review. One of the things we encourage most is discussing likes and dislikes, sharing criticisms and also reasoning for why we wrote something the way we did. Sometimes our writing can make sense to us, but not to others. I cannot speak for everyone, but exchanging critiques has helped me identify some of my faults in writing; its a really great tool. Until we get more active members it’s share at your leisure (prompt ideas or actual stories) and those of us that log in occasionally can read and share feedback! You can contact me here for a link to the site. Content is member-only and cannot be viewed externally. Also, the application is as simple as a name (most of us use gamer-tags) and a simple “why are you here?”.

In other news, I have discovered a fascinating interest in reading about the lives of others. I was never really drawn to non-fiction or history in grade school, but as of late the human perspective is especially intriguing and I find myself delving into stories of the lives of people from all over the world. It’s a wash of culture, spirit, love, tragedy, and longing- truly compelling and I find myself in awe of all that I do not know. I think they call this revelation, but whatever it is I love it.


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