Quick Facts

What sort of things get me in the mood to write?

It’s really random in my case. I can be walking down the street under a gorgeous sunset and suddenly look up in awe. I might marvel at the beauty of the world, or momentarily put myself in the shoes of someone else, onlooking the scene from a distance and BAM- There it is, a new story idea. Other spontaneous glimpses of inspiration have come from people watching at the University. I once sat outside the auditorium for an hour in the dark, listening to a violinist play beautifully from an upstairs balcony. The music reminded me of an opera house I visited many years prior and then suddenly my mind contorted the situation into something grim. I don’t know exactly where zombie apocalypse came into play, but the idea transformed from there and maybe one of these days I’ll finish that story.

What music do I listen to while writing?

Oh heavens, are you even ready for this? Everything. Okay, well not everything but pretty damn close. I can list a few (in no particular order) of my preferred bands, but I assure you they are probably not for everyone.

Florence and the Machine
Katy Perry (Did I just name Katy Perry and Tool in the same list? Hell yeah I did)
A Perfect Circle
All That Remains
Poets of the Fall
Lady Gaga (sometimes)
Lords of the Rings soundtracks
Phantom of the Opera soundtracks
World of Warcraft soundtracks

Need I go on?

What are some of my favorite books?

I think I’ve made a list of my top reads once before. I’ll go ahead and name my top three as of right now.

1. Steven Erikson
2. George R.R. Martin
3. Christie Golden

What kills a story for you?

Inconsistency, poor character development, glossing over description, and ignoring realism. Life is not without death, so don’t pretend it doesn’t happen. Peace is not without conflict, so again- don’t pretend it doesn’t happen. It’s okay to not write descriptive intimate scenes, and I actually prefer a story with minimal detail on the logistics of the act and more focus on the connection (the spark) between two individuals.

What interests you in a story?

Nothing draws me into a good book like chaos; those are my favorite kinds of hooks. I love character development and figurative language. In my opinion, the best stories are believable.


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