The Invisible Wall

Once again I find myself at that juncture where the path is insight and yet something unseen and unmoving also stands in my way; the invisible wall that we all run into, and have to work diligently to get around. No, this is not about writer’s block this time, it’s more of the opposite- believe it or not.

Between an implosion of exams and projects arising over the last three weeks, I have found myself surprisingly back in the swing of things when it comes to my writing which is somewhat of an issue because the timing conflicts with time spent studying. Even more surprising is that my usual influx of ideas, the ones that plague me while sitting under terrible florescent lighting in a giant lecture hall, are not accommodating to the long-term fantasy novel I have been piecing together for the last several years. Actually, ever since this writing contest began I have found myself wanting to wander outside of my general circle of interests. I’ve begun to develop ideas for a mystery thriller, my second favorite genre, and so far I really like the direction this one is going. It began with Prompt 2 from the writing contest and from there I changed a few things and twisted the concept to incorporate a more detailed plot with deeper character backgrounds.

Another trend I’ve recently begun when I sit down to write is more of a bad habit. I used to wish beyond desperate measure that I could draw because I love art, but I never considered myself any good and as a result I avoided art classes and never gave it much effort. Well, I certainly cannot make claim to fame, but I have developed an interest in doodling nonsensical little things as well as a few simple sketches of the environment (trees, flowers, and things of the like). I was actually so impressed with my little sketches that I tried to reproduce them in larger scale- believe it or not I can admit to some satisfaction with my work. Unfortunately, my new found ability is another time-consuming project that interferes with class time, but I suppose I got my wish?

Lastly, I want to share a bit about my newest (by newest, I do mean this began yesterday) interest… I decided that I needed some shorter reading material to get my by until I can expend a more lengthy amount of time on my favorite 10-book (2000 + page per book) fantasy series. So while Malazan Book of the Fallen sits on the back burner, I’ve been pursuing new and emerging authors whose works are not only affordable for your average college kid (that’s me), but also quite good and full of potential. I am really impressed, and hope these authors continue to strive higher and excel because they really have some great ideas that the world needs to hear.

So, at least I have something fun to work on while I am stuck behind the invisible wall; I just hope I get around it to pick up the pieces before finals arrive and grades teeter over the edge. Best wishes to everyone with whatever may be standing in your way right now!


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