Word Appreciation 2

Here is another list of words I have found through reading and writing that I wanted to share and expose to others because strong vocabulary can make or break a story sometimes.

Paltry- lacking importance or worth

Poignant- Profoundly moving; touching

Ingenuous- straight forward; frank; candid

Approbation- approval; commendation

Decry- to speak disparagingly of; to denounce as fault or worthless

Garrulous- talkative; excessive talking or rambling

Hackneyed- made commonplace; trite

Maelstrom- a violent whirlpool; restless disorder

Nadir- the point of greatest adversity or despair; lowest point; [In Astronomy]- a point on a celestial sphere directly below beneath a specific position or point of observation; opposite the zenith


All definitions were either derived from memory or recollected using http://www.dictionary.com. I hope some of these help kindle the motivation to write with greater interest for vocabulary. Incorporating words you have never used or seen before, in your writing, will help commit them to memory and can make you a stronger writer.

If you like what you see, check out my other Word Appreciation post in my blog archive.


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