Writing Contest Prompt 1

If you’ve been following my posts, you might’ve read about the writing contest that my brother invited me to and the promise that I would follow up with some details about the first couple of prompts. Our group is currently on prompt number four, and I figured with the pace we are keeping I could start sharing a little bit about them.

Prompt one, a randomly selected topic from the initial pool of ideas to start the contest off, belongs to one of my favorite genres, but I can say that it has proved to be the least interesting of all other topics, thus far. For our first prompt we wrote a story in the medieval time period. That includes kings, queens, knights, lordships and such. The plot had to revolve around something unnatural in the woods. It’s my favorite era to read and write about except that generally I like to add the fantasy twist, which I strongly considered doing, but I changed my mind last minute and kept it simple. I ended up coming in second place for that prompt, but I had a lot of fun writing and even more fun reading the other submissions. Everyone had something unique to bring to the table- a story not yet heard- and I am thoroughly enjoying the contest for the sole reason that I am getting the chance to learn a little bit more about writing- more specifically my writing- from the other contestants. I have not had any tips or suggestions regarding areas I might improve, but simply reading the other stories has greatly helped improve my scope of ideas which, I feel, makes my new stories better in turn.

With this one, the restrictions were minimal. There was no page or word limit, and POV was free reign. With the second prompt I think some of us recognized the value of page limits and exercised that restriction for the two prompts following. As far as content goes, everyone wrote great stories but I was most intrigued with the individual in our group that threw us all for a loop when they chose to write their tale as a poem. 

So there you have it, prompt one. I’ll share in more detail about the second prompt, which has been my favorite thus far, when I get a chance between classes and homework.


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