Reading List

You might have figured out that one of my favorite hobbies is immersing myself into a good book, but what you might not guess is that I am about as picky with book genres as I am with music genres. That is to say, I can read almost anything as long as the story interests me and the writing is good.

Of all genres though, my personal favorite is fantasy. For anyone interested in this genre I want to recommend a few of my favorite authors and their series in case you have not caught wind of them already. Steven Erikson is probably my favorite of the four listed below, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of these series. The shortest of them is the Mistborn series, at least in terms of book number and easy reading.

  1. Steven Erikson- Malazan Book of the Fallen (10-book series)
  2. George R. R. Martin- A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones- 5 books so far…)
  3. Brandon Sanderson- Mistborn (3-book series)
  4. Robert Jordan- The Wheel of Time (14-book series or 15 if you include the prequel)

Thrillers follow closely behind epic fantasy series in my favorite list. I love watching NCIS, Dexter, CSI, Law and Order and all of those tv series, but sometimes you cannot beat a good book. I suggest James Patterson if you are looking for investment. He writes the Women’s Murder Club series and my favorite- Alex Cross. On another note, he dabbles into other genres as well. Some of my favorites of James Patterson’s stories include:

  1. Alex Cross- (mystery thriller series)
  2. When the Wind Blows & The Lake House-(The Lake House sequel is nothing like the movie with the same name; there is no film adaptation for this book and the fictional stories are about government experimenting)
  3. Sunday’s at Tiffany’s- (more of a chick flick type story and a movie adaptation exists but I cannot attest to its quality. The book was really good though.)
  4. Honeymoon I & II- (another thriller novel and sequel)

Another list of books I’ve read over the past few years include a couple teen books I started in middle school or high school and wanted to finish. I also like to play video games and spend an equal amount of time reading the lore behind the game play. Regardless of interest in video gaming, if you like fantasy and fiction, you may find interest in some of these titles:

  1. Richard A. Knaak- War of the Ancients Trilogy (World of Warcraft lore; elves, demons, dragons)
  2. Richard A. Knaak- Sin War Trilogy (Diablo lore)
  3. Lauren Kate- Fallen series (angels)

I am not a huge fan of nonfiction but I actually enjoyed a couple books from a college history class two semesters ago.

  1. Scott Zesch- Captured (Native American history)
  2. H.G. Bissinger- Friday Night Lights
  3. Erik Larson- Isaac’s Storm (Galveston hurricane of 1900)


These are my significant reads from the last couple years, the ones I enjoyed the most anyways. I probably missed a few because I read too much too fast and cannot keep up with them all, but the fantasy novels alone are enough to keep someone busy for awhile. Never forget to make time for a good book, Enjoy!


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