Word Appreciation

I just wanted to share a list of words with their definitions, words that you might not read or see very often.

Succor– help, relief, or assistance

Stupefy– to stun; to put into a state of low sensibility; numb state

Pusillanimous– cowardly

Bereaved– synonymous with robbed; to extend condolences to the bereaved

Felicity– joy; happiness

Ululate– to howl; to how as a dog or wold, hoot as an owl

Ardency– having or expressing fervor, passion; vehement, fierce; intensely devoted or enthusiastic

Abraded– to wear down or rub away with friction

Aberrant– unusual; straying from a defined path

All definitions were either derived from memory or recollected using http://www.dictionary.com. I hope some of these help kindle the motivation to write with greater interest for vocabulary. Incorporating words you have never used or seen before, in your writing, will help commit them to memory and can make you a stronger writer.


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