Starting Anew

One of my favorites from Greek mythology is the legend of the phoenix primarily because the life of the phoenix recurs generation after generation by “rising from the ashes”. For me, the cycle of the phoenix is symbolic in more ways than one, but I draw much of my interest in the idea of starting anew. All things must come to an end, good or otherwise, and I find that there is a great deal of opportunity in the end of a tale, despite the measure of closure. Where one door closes, another three could be opened, or so they say.

Direction is a curious thing, it’s precarious nature can be troubling or rewarding- sometimes both- depending on a myriad of variables; however, I am trumped by the knotted mess that occurs when ideas collide. I never did like the sound of “back to the drawing board” because I associate failure with those words, but I find myself mentally revisiting my first line of thought when I cannot get past a certain point. It is helpful to revert your attention back to the original idea, before the added emphasis and detail blurs the main point. Perhaps something from your original line of thought can help keep you focused and/or give you a sense of direction that would help conflicting ideas mesh into something plausible or coherent.


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