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Writnitz was an idea that took flight halfway through college when I decided I wanted to start putting my writing online for public viewing. I’ve shared my ideas with friends and family in the past, but something compelled me to take it a step further and reach out to the rest of the world; I did this in part to find a wider and more experienced audience, but also to discover how far I could go.

I created this blog with the objective to improve and to share ideas with other writers, but I have found that my passions for a variety of extra curricular activities are both a blessing and curse in that I’ve not made extensive progress on my primary fantasy genre story as a result of being too spread thin.

The name Writnitz is derived from the idea that sometimes writers face the impasse of nit-picky criticism and can’t seem to move beyond that. I’ve come to recognize that the obstacles writers face include: dissatisfied readers, skeptical/doubting publishers, and harsh criticisms from our own selfs. Sometimes we take what other people say to heart and lose the ability to focus on our originals goals; let’s continue to try to avoid that.

A little bit about me. I grew up moving place to place until about 5th grade. Although I have faced some personal dramas’, my home life was pleasant and happy. I come from a more southern and traditional family, but my mother and father raised me to be open minded, ambitious, giving, and accepting of others. I believe in living in the moment and making other people happy. I am a graduate of Texas A&M with a BS in Ecosystem Science and Management. Our planet is our playground, but it is also our responsibility to be good stewards to keep our environment thriving and fruitful. If you would like to understand why I am invested in the future of the world in which we live, my hobbyist photography might shed some light. You can find my work here:
Comments and critiques are welcome, though the photography is purely an endeavor of personal delight for now. What you’ve read thus far is where I’ve come from.

This brings us to today. Several years have passed since I graduated and although I have not written anything substantial enough to be called a novel, I have continued to writing here and there. Twelve years of grade school will never fully prepare you for the world you eventually enter into as an adult. I hardly remember my worries as a teenage girl now that I have had my taste of “living” in today’s society. I’m talking about that all-too-familiar anxiety about paying rent, utilities, and insurance on time; managing a budget isn’t always easy. Speaking of insurance though, that’s what I do now. After college, I made a somewhat passable attempt to find a job relevant to my double major; I was going for forest management or water management. After about two weeks of working a part-time temporary job for Service Master, I ended up working there full time and moving back home. Fast forward a little bit- I got a job offer, but it wasn’t what I was expecting to find. My cousin roped me into insurance adjusting, the unlikely and somehow enjoyable career I never knew I wanted. Up till now I’ve neglected the details of my personal life, partly to spare you the ups and downs and typical nuances of any growing relationship, but mostly so that I could express clearly and concisely the importance that my relationship, while significant is not the only thing going on in my life. My best friend’s name is Kyle, and I have briefly mentioned him in various posts here and there, but he’s since then become a very significant part of my life as we now live together. We made the move in early 2017 and share a quaint and picturesque white picket fence rental home with another couple and their son. We have a medium sized dog, her name is Echo and she is a mix breed that I picked up off the streets back home before moving to the big city in Central Texas. As I said before, I have many varying passions that keep me solely from writing; some of those include: painting, drawing, video games, photography, music, and (the most recent) hobbyist reef keeper. For the sake of actually writing, I’m going to be writing about more than just my story ideas, my poetry, and the writing process. For the sake of actually writing, I’m going to write about what I know: myself.

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